I’m staying in Europe, you can leave if you want to

Last night the thunder rolled and the lightning flashed. The heavens opened and rain washed the litter from the pavements.

It was almost like portents of doom resounded across the night sky in Merton last night. And I sat staring out the window as mother nature had her say.

This morning as the first sparrows yawned, stretched and farted, I headed down to the community centre and voted to stay in Europe.

Did I do the right thing? I have no clue. Time will tell if all this is for the greater good or a monumental mistake.

What it has done, has given us all a target to point the finger at, if it goes wrong. If we stay and England is swallowed up, the government can say, ‘well, you voted for this’. Same goes for an overwhelming exit vote. ‘It’s your fault.’

I hope that’s not the case. Whatever happens I hope that our country can stop playing one side off against the other.

I used to think it ridiculous whenever I watched Prime Minister’s question time in the House of Commons. Grown men behaving like children.

This campaign has seen that attitude spill out onto the street. Intelligent adults, name-calling and threatening violence because we don’t think the same.

What’s next? Do we all start blowing each other up with pipe bombs because someone didn’t agree with our vote in the referendum?

When Mahatma Gandhi was asked by a journalist what he thought of Western civilisation he replied, ‘I think it would be a good idea’.






Man dies from too much Vitamin C: a crate of it fell on his head

This is, of course, a joke. No one has died from taking vitamins, or minerals, or amino acids, or herbs, according to the latest annual safety records.

But supplements are still the target of health regulators who want to control their supply and use. But methinks they’re looking in the wrong place.

Around 150,000 Americans die each year from reactions to drugs properly prescribed and taken, and another 350,000 die from a drug taken in error or from a deliberate overdose.

In the UK, there are reported to be 1.5 million people addicted to prescription medication. More than the number addicted to heroin and cocaine.

And in 2007 a study showed that approximately 7,000 people die from doctor’s bad handwriting every year. (Still trying to get up to date figures for this.)

We’re also dying because of our resistance to antibiotics – but that’s our fault apparently because we don’t finish our prescriptions properly – nothing to do with the fact that doctors prescribe them for anything.

My doctor, like any other doctor is too quick with the prescription pad. My cholesterol was too high, quick let’s get you on statins.

My blood pressure was a little too high, let’s get some blood thinners into you.

“Wait one cotton-picking minute. What can I do to sort out my problems without pushing more poisons into my body?”

“I don’t know, just let me prescribe you something.”

One of the problems of medicine is that word, ‘medicine’. That’s all they know. Doctors aren’t taught nutrition, they have a hammer and treat every problem as a nail.

More people are dying from prescription medicine than ever before, so maybe regulators should start looking at that.

And maybe introducing typed prescriptions rather than hand-written ones.



We are forgetting one thing in the Brexit situation; David Cameron fucked a pig’s head

With Brexit we seem to have forgotten one of the most important issues of the day – David Cameron put his pork sword in a pig’s mouth.

‘Piggate’ has been swept under the carpet and has been claimed to be ‘hogwash’ and ‘pigswill’ since the announcement of the referendum.

It was part of an initiation ceremony for the Piers Gaveston Society and reported by Michael Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott in their unauthorised autobiography of David Cameron – ‘Call me Dave’.

We seem to have forgotten other important issues as well. Our steel industry is up the swanee thanks to our beloved Chancellor who will provide help and concessions to banks, but not to a real industry that makes things.

One question I have to ask is, if the British Steel industry collapses what are we going to sell if we leave the European Union?

Textiles? No that was ripped up in the early 70s. Coal? No, our coal industry was shut down in the 1980s.

Well, at least we have our health. Hold on a minute, the government are also winding down our National Health Service, then claiming it doesn’t work.

Next they’ll be selling it off to the lowest bidder. Like they did with Royal Bank of Scotland. I’m sorry, anyone who makes a £1 billion loss by selling a bank ought to be strung up over Westminster Bridge.

Our governments are saying that their hands are tied by the European Union but that’s just not true. Our governments are selling off common land, allowing industries to collapse, propping up the banks’ health, while ours suffers because of lack of support for our NHS.

That’s not the European Union, it’s our own elected governments.

Forget the referendum, forget our antiquated two party system, can’t we just have a government that looks after the interests of the British people?

They say that governments should be frightened of their people because they have the right to vote them out. But look what we get in England, two parties that are systematically destroying our way of life term by term.