We are forgetting one thing in the Brexit situation; David Cameron fucked a pig’s head

With Brexit we seem to have forgotten one of the most important issues of the day – David Cameron put his pork sword in a pig’s mouth.

‘Piggate’ has been swept under the carpet and has been claimed to be ‘hogwash’ and ‘pigswill’ since the announcement of the referendum.

It was part of an initiation ceremony for the Piers Gaveston Society and reported by Michael Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott in their unauthorised autobiography of David Cameron – ‘Call me Dave’.

We seem to have forgotten other important issues as well. Our steel industry is up the swanee thanks to our beloved Chancellor who will provide help and concessions to banks, but not to a real industry that makes things.

One question I have to ask is, if the British Steel industry collapses what are we going to sell if we leave the European Union?

Textiles? No that was ripped up in the early 70s. Coal? No, our coal industry was shut down in the 1980s.

Well, at least we have our health. Hold on a minute, the government are also winding down our National Health Service, then claiming it doesn’t work.

Next they’ll be selling it off to the lowest bidder. Like they did with Royal Bank of Scotland. I’m sorry, anyone who makes a £1 billion loss by selling a bank ought to be strung up over Westminster Bridge.

Our governments are saying that their hands are tied by the European Union but that’s just not true. Our governments are selling off common land, allowing industries to collapse, propping up the banks’ health, while ours suffers because of lack of support for our NHS.

That’s not the European Union, it’s our own elected governments.

Forget the referendum, forget our antiquated two party system, can’t we just have a government that looks after the interests of the British people?

They say that governments should be frightened of their people because they have the right to vote them out. But look what we get in England, two parties that are systematically destroying our way of life term by term.