Man dies from too much Vitamin C: a crate of it fell on his head

This is, of course, a joke. No one has died from taking vitamins, or minerals, or amino acids, or herbs, according to the latest annual safety records.

But supplements are still┬áthe target of health regulators who want to control their supply and use. But methinks they’re looking in the wrong place.

Around 150,000 Americans die each year from reactions to drugs properly prescribed and taken, and another 350,000 die from a drug taken in error or from a deliberate overdose.

In the UK, there are reported to be 1.5 million people addicted to prescription medication. More than the number addicted to heroin and cocaine.

And in 2007 a study showed that approximately 7,000 people die from doctor’s bad handwriting every year. (Still trying to get up to date figures for this.)

We’re also dying because of our resistance to antibiotics – but that’s our fault apparently because we don’t finish our prescriptions properly – nothing to do with the fact that doctors prescribe them for anything.

My doctor, like any other doctor is too quick with the prescription pad. My cholesterol was too high, quick let’s get you on statins.

My blood pressure was a little too high, let’s get some blood thinners into you.

“Wait one cotton-picking minute. What can I do to sort out my problems without pushing more poisons into my body?”

“I don’t know, just let me prescribe you something.”

One of the problems of medicine is that word, ‘medicine’. That’s all they know. Doctors aren’t taught nutrition, they have a hammer and treat every problem as a nail.

More people are dying from prescription medicine than ever before, so maybe regulators should start looking at that.

And maybe introducing typed prescriptions rather than hand-written ones.