Buy Blitish!

Now that there’s a certain uncertainty about the United Kingdom it would be financial suicide to take your money out of Britain anymore.

For a start, no more European holidays. It’s time to support our own tourist industry and spend your wages in coastal holiday towns. You could argue that you want some sunshine and Britain has bad weather. Well, them’s the breaks.

Fancy a coffee? Well, walk past Starbucks, Cafe Nero and all those lovely little boutique restaurants and find a good old English caff or greasy spoon.

Similarly, when we need to buy technology, stop with your Apple, IBM, and Samsung, their unwillingness to pay taxes for their right to sell to the British people is draining our coffers.

Forget about using Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, HBO and SKY, it’s time to switch to BBC, BT Sport, ITV and Channel 4.

Send back those American Express Cards, they’re not really contributing to our economy either. The Royal Bank of Scotland has a card that is just as efficient.

You can only shop at Tescos, Morrisons and the Co-operative now. Forget all those discounted supermarkets like LIdl and Aldi, we’ve got to keep money here.

Of course this isn’t a hard and fast rule but if we want to keep our society and British firms functioning we have to stop shipping our money to other countries by the container load.

Oh yes, and if you’re not driving a Morgan or a Bristol, send your own car back and buy one.

It’s the British thing to do.