The way to cure Multiple Sclerosis could be through the stomach

For decades doctors haven’t known what causes multiple sclerosis (MS) and now a new theory says it’s gut related

Recent studies show sufferers have different levels of good and bad gut bacteria to those of a healthy person. Which says they are processing foods differently.

The big question is what came first? Did MS change the gut. Or did a badly-functioning gut cause the MS?

It seems MS sufferers have lower levels of good bacteria that help the body process healthy foods, this could also be the case for disorders like arthritis.

The researchers made their discovery after they examined samples from MS patients and compared them to those taken from healthy people.

Now they want to take their research further and study larger groups of MS sufferers.

Until then, the big recommendation for MS sufferers is to go out and buy some good acidophilus from Holland & Barrett and eat natural foods to nourish it.