Brexit blues? Buyers Remorse? Depression? Walk it off

Or march it off if you prefer. Apparently, a good walk can do you wonders. Gets your blood pumping gives you a sense of well-being and gets some fresh air into your lungs – that all depends where you’re walking, mind.

I hope with all the recent marches through the capital that those involved feel a little better. Feel like they’ve done something worthwhile. Good for you.

‘Won’t make an a’path of difference’ as my dear old mum used to say. The government will do what the government wants to do. Now they’ve got the backing of the people politicians can turn the situation to their advantage.

But as I said, everyone has had a good walk. Turns out walking can banish the blues, it’s actually been documented. 15 minutes of vigorous walking every day gets everything moving again.

Our bodies weren’t designed for sitting in offices or sitting in front of the telly, even if Game of Thrones is on. We evolved to move and hunt and shag.

Health experts have always been saying we should exercise, what puts people off is the amount of exercise. Run a marathon? Fuck off. Lift heavy weights? I can barely lift myself off the sofa.

No, the new exercise that can keep us in fine fettle throughout our old age is 15 minutes vigorous walking a day and 20 seconds of intense exercise every other day; running up stairs, running to the corner shop and back, or an evening spent looking after a hyperactive child – that’s an absolute killer.

For people suffering from depression it can also boost serotonin levels and all those other happy little chemicals that keeps us from wallowing in despair.

So, go for a walk, or a march if the feeling takes you, you’ll feel so much better.