“Taf, you may be a cunt, but you’re an honest cunt”

Simon Smyth once said these words to me one afternoon after dealing with a particularly problematic brief, some 16-18 years ago.

I can’t remember the exact situation but Simon had asked me a question and I replied truthfully. It wasn’t exactly what he wanted to hear, but there you go.

How we laughed as he pummelled me to bits and we rode together in the ambulance handcuffed to our stretchers so we couldn’t get at one another.

To this day, I believe in honesty and doing the right thing. It infuriates me when people lie. A friend who doesn’t tell the truth isn’t a friend for long.

The lies that politicians bamboozled us with during the referendum have particularly struck an element of discord within me.

The rhetoric and the ‘spin’ that the papers poured out has annoyed me similarly. But it isn’t illegal to lie during a campaign it turns out.

It isn’t even illegal to spin a story in favour of your opinion. To me that is just as heinous as lying – although it’s a seven deadly sin, it isn’t an offense.

Maybe it should be. It’s perjury if you lie in court so why can’t it be in politics when the stakes are just as high.

Just putting it out there.

Oh and that bit about being handcuffed to stretchers on the way to hospital was a lie. But seeing as how everyone else is at it I thought I’d have a go.