The way to cure Multiple Sclerosis could be through the stomach

For decades doctors haven’t known what causes multiple sclerosis (MS) and now a new theory says it’s gut related

Recent studies show sufferers have different levels of good and bad gut bacteria to those of a healthy person. Which says they are processing foods differently.

The big question is what came first? Did MS change the gut. Or did a badly-functioning gut cause the MS?

It seems MS sufferers have lower levels of good bacteria that help the body process healthy foods, this could also be the case for disorders like arthritis.

The researchers made their discovery after they examined samples from MS patients and compared them to those taken from healthy people.

Now they want to take their research further and study larger groups of MS sufferers.

Until then, the big recommendation for MS sufferers is to go out and buy some good acidophilus from Holland & Barrett and eat natural foods to nourish it.

Over 38 people die from man-eating sharks every year. What can we do?

That’s nothing. Over 17,000 people die from falls every year and we’re not trying to abolish gravity.

On the other side of the story over 100 million sharks are killed every year by humans. But, this is a conservative estimate, it could be as high as 273 million.

But thanks to man’s need to manipulate facts and figures to their own end we are only told half the story.

They’re not even man-eating sharks, they eat anything. They would prefer a juicy seal to a human being, but if humans dress like seals, mistakes will be made.

The referendum campaign was littered with half-truths, from both sides, I hasten to add. Then newspapers jumped in trying to influence voters.

I thought newspapers had a code where they were supposed to report facts.

The part of the populace that were looking for these facts were instead bombarded with fictions. Certain newspapers spread fear and lies about immigrants and now we can see the fruition of it.

I’m all for freedom of speech and freedom of the press but there is a little rule to this – if it incites violence and hatred then it’s against the law.

I would urge the authorities to do something about the newspapers again. And maybe have a word with that most dangerous of animals –  Nigel Farage.






Everyone remembers their favourite teacher, even when they’re not trying to teach

At school I had some of the greatest teachers who taught beyond their subject. Mr Hutchinson didn’t just teach history he told us how everything was interconnected, biology, physics, chemistry, art, the whole shooting match.

Then there was Mrs. Haigh, she taught biology but she also taught us how to remember complicated parts of it with little memory tricks. To this day I remember the digestive enzymes of the stomach with her little ditty: Peter Likes My Sugar Lumps.

Mr. Essex, didn’t just teach maths, he taught me how to play the blues on guitar and introduced me to the music of Be-Bop Deluxe – far more rewarding than the use of simultaneous equations in everyday life.

At Sixth Form the teachers were a bunch of uninspiring worn out has-beens who were just working their way through their notes with no enthusiasm.

Then I went on the Foundation Course at Barnsley Art College: there I met John McPake, Steve West and Derek Rodgers and a host of wonderfully talented like-minded pupils. They made my last year in Barnsley one of the best ever.

I take you on this little jaunt down Memory Lane because on 4th June 2016, Steve West died. He was an artist and sculptor and on one strange trip down to London Robbie Laughton christened him the ‘main man’ – we were drunk.

Steve had a passion for art, music, and running. A strange mixture perhaps but it kept him out of trouble.

It was in 1984 that he introduced us all to his newly-born daughter and Robbie Laughton again caused trouble by saying ‘Just think Steve, one day she’ll be dating somebody like me.’ Nothing could compare to the man’s look of horror.

In my year at Art School Steve introduced me to the music of Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin and Miles Davis. He taught sculpture but his influence on my musical development was profound. While everyone was listening to the Joshua Tree and Richard Nicholson was wallowing in the Smiths, Steve introduced previously unexplored paths of music to me.

It is this for which I am most grateful. Today my musical tastes can only be described as ‘eclectic’. If it wasn’t for Steve, I’d still be listening to Tygers of Pan Tang, Tank and Demon, well I am but there are is so much more music in my arsenal, these days.

Don’t Rest In Peace, Steve. Put a record on. I want to hear what you’re listening to these days.



Buy Blitish!

Now that there’s a certain uncertainty about the United Kingdom it would be financial suicide to take your money out of Britain anymore.

For a start, no more European holidays. It’s time to support our own tourist industry and spend your wages in coastal holiday towns. You could argue that you want some sunshine and Britain has bad weather. Well, them’s the breaks.

Fancy a coffee? Well, walk past Starbucks, Cafe Nero and all those lovely little boutique restaurants and find a good old English caff or greasy spoon.

Similarly, when we need to buy technology, stop with your Apple, IBM, and Samsung, their unwillingness to pay taxes for their right to sell to the British people is draining our coffers.

Forget about using Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, HBO and SKY, it’s time to switch to BBC, BT Sport, ITV and Channel 4.

Send back those American Express Cards, they’re not really contributing to our economy either. The Royal Bank of Scotland has a card that is just as efficient.

You can only shop at Tescos, Morrisons and the Co-operative now. Forget all those discounted supermarkets like LIdl and Aldi, we’ve got to keep money here.

Of course this isn’t a hard and fast rule but if we want to keep our society and British firms functioning we have to stop shipping our money to other countries by the container load.

Oh yes, and if you’re not driving a Morgan or a Bristol, send your own car back and buy one.

It’s the British thing to do.


“Sorry, you Brexit, you bought it”

Like many people who voted ‘Remain’ on Thursday I was gutted by the decision to leave the European Union. Through my distress I vowed that if it was the ‘will of the people’ I would be British about it and soldier on.

Today, I woke up to find some ‘Leavers’ are suffering buyers remorse and want to change their vote.

There are rumours that on Friday, Google was inundated with requests from British people wanting to know what Europe was.

Other people are saying that there wasn’t enough of a majority, I’m sorry 1.3 million sounds like a lot to me. Some voters are even signing a petition for a second Brexit vote because not enough people voted – it was the highest turnout at the polls for 30 years.

There are graphs showing that under 18s weren’t represented – well you set the rules of this referendum beforehand. We all agreed to them when we voted.

Tell you what, why don’t we have the best of three? Or take the verdict back to Marks and Spencers so we can swap it for something better?

In essence the Great British people have told Europe they think the European Union are all cunts – you can’t skulk back and take that statement back.

For better or worse, you have to stick by your decision.

A great friend of mine said throughout this campaign that he took the racist insults and still voted for what he believed in.

Call it freedom of thought, freedom of speech, or even democracy. Democracy says that we leave the European Union.

I believe in democracy, and democracy made a choice on Thursday through action.

Man-up England.




The Divided Kingdom

The people have spoken and we are now going to Leave the European Union. Fine, let’s move on. But at the moment we are still bitching and moaning.

David Cameron will resign, hurrah! Boris Johnson will probably take his place, boo! Scotland will probably vote to stay in Europe -not sure about that one.

Now there has been a suggestion that London could remain in the European Union. If that happens cities like Birmingham could do the same.

So we’ll be left with a country that is completely split. Half-in and half-out of Europe.

It doesn’t matter that all the people who have felt disenfranchised by our governments decisions have finally had their voices heard. The government, which was 60% stay, could still wangle a stay.

So, what’s the Leave camp’s plan to combat that? What do you mean there isn’t one? Surely after months of campaigning both sides would have plans in place to make sure England would be fine whatever happened.

No? Are you shitting me?


I’m staying in Europe, you can leave if you want to

Last night the thunder rolled and the lightning flashed. The heavens opened and rain washed the litter from the pavements.

It was almost like portents of doom resounded across the night sky in Merton last night. And I sat staring out the window as mother nature had her say.

This morning as the first sparrows yawned, stretched and farted, I headed down to the community centre and voted to stay in Europe.

Did I do the right thing? I have no clue. Time will tell if all this is for the greater good or a monumental mistake.

What it has done, has given us all a target to point the finger at, if it goes wrong. If we stay and England is swallowed up, the government can say, ‘well, you voted for this’. Same goes for an overwhelming exit vote. ‘It’s your fault.’

I hope that’s not the case. Whatever happens I hope that our country can stop playing one side off against the other.

I used to think it ridiculous whenever I watched Prime Minister’s question time in the House of Commons. Grown men behaving like children.

This campaign has seen that attitude spill out onto the street. Intelligent adults, name-calling and threatening violence because we don’t think the same.

What’s next? Do we all start blowing each other up with pipe bombs because someone didn’t agree with our vote in the referendum?

When Mahatma Gandhi was asked by a journalist what he thought of Western civilisation he replied, ‘I think it would be a good idea’.






We’re not having a referendum for the people to have their say.

David Cameron may mouth words of financial stability and people’s rights but he’s looking after the most important part of England – himself.

This whole referendum is all a political subterfuge to stop Ukip stealing people from the Tory camp and to quiet the revolution within his own party.

David Cameron’s power is dwindling and in a last-ditch effort to hold on to his position he is willing to throw the country away just to keep it.

Recent events have cost him dearly; #dodgydave and ‘Piggate’ didn’t just tarnish his reputation, they made him a worldwide laughing stock.

What kind of man would play with the well-being of 65 million people just to hang on to his own power and influence?

Politicians are supposed to be the servants of the people, yet our Mr. Cameron is only in the business of serving himself.

Whichever way this referendum goes, can we please remove him from power completely?





Tomorrow, I have to decide whether I’m a traitor or a racist

Well, I will be voting to stay in. Why? Because I think Britain is better as part of the European Union.

And what’s the alternative? More financial insecurity? Haven’t we just been through a double-dip recession?

What I hate about this whole Leave and Remain campaign is that it’s been dirty politics all the way through.

All the camps have done is focus on the negatives. If you vote to stay in the European Union and you’re a traitor. Vote to leave and you’re a racist. Or so the Remain camp have been insinuating all along.

There have been very few arguments highlighting the positives of either decision. It’s been name-calling and childish accusations.

What are we eight? Are we still in the playground? If you’re mates with him, then you’re not mates with me!

If we were instead presented with a proper plan of action in case of either scenario, then I probably would be brave enough to consider a Leave option.

But since it’s been bickering and indecision from every party, I have to vote with my conscience. So, I’m a traitor.

But call me it to my face and I’ll get you after school.




Man dies from too much Vitamin C: a crate of it fell on his head

This is, of course, a joke. No one has died from taking vitamins, or minerals, or amino acids, or herbs, according to the latest annual safety records.

But supplements are still the target of health regulators who want to control their supply and use. But methinks they’re looking in the wrong place.

Around 150,000 Americans die each year from reactions to drugs properly prescribed and taken, and another 350,000 die from a drug taken in error or from a deliberate overdose.

In the UK, there are reported to be 1.5 million people addicted to prescription medication. More than the number addicted to heroin and cocaine.

And in 2007 a study showed that approximately 7,000 people die from doctor’s bad handwriting every year. (Still trying to get up to date figures for this.)

We’re also dying because of our resistance to antibiotics – but that’s our fault apparently because we don’t finish our prescriptions properly – nothing to do with the fact that doctors prescribe them for anything.

My doctor, like any other doctor is too quick with the prescription pad. My cholesterol was too high, quick let’s get you on statins.

My blood pressure was a little too high, let’s get some blood thinners into you.

“Wait one cotton-picking minute. What can I do to sort out my problems without pushing more poisons into my body?”

“I don’t know, just let me prescribe you something.”

One of the problems of medicine is that word, ‘medicine’. That’s all they know. Doctors aren’t taught nutrition, they have a hammer and treat every problem as a nail.

More people are dying from prescription medicine than ever before, so maybe regulators should start looking at that.

And maybe introducing typed prescriptions rather than hand-written ones.