Keenleyside’s London Tours. A bit foggy for everyone

The last time I met up with Ross Keenleyside we did a whistlestop tour of Acton boozers and shared a few beverages, a few observations and generally got smashed. Just because we could.

We jokingly called it Keenleyside’s Acton Tours so this time we talked about extending his tour guide abilities to London Bridge.

We met at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and headed to the Globe Tavern, a beautiful little hostelry that served its first ale in 1445 – or a quarter to three as I pointed out much to Ross’s annoyance.

The facade of the building was a little crooked due to subsidence and it was one of those places that would have been ‘heaving’ if the sun was out. Fortunately for us it was colder than a witches tit and mid-afternoon. The place was empty.

From there we avoided the obvious pubs. Opting instead for those little hidden gems that you wouldn’t find if you were staggering down the main thoroughfare.

One by one we walked in their doors and quaffed a few frothing ales all the while checking out the histories of the venues.

It was one of those afternoons where time went by too quickly. I don’t remember a lull in the conversation. To be fair I don’t remember a few things but I will always remember the story about the ‘King’s ginger’ a lovely little tipple that Mr Keenleyside has now adopted as his very own.

Seeing as how we were in the area we gave our ‘Third Amigo’ a call and he joined us after work to partake of the shits and giggles in the Rose and Crown.

(The fourth member of our party shall remain anonymous at this point because he doesn’t like his name bandied around in public or on social media.)

I left the area probably a bit too early. Mainly because of the foggy nature of my recollection at this point. I was aware however that I had to get home by negotiating a train journey and two bus connections.

It was a foggy day in London yesterday and more so for me. But I did have a ‘right laugh’ with some good beers and some good company.

Thank you Mr. Keenleyside. Next time you’re coming down to Colliers Wood and we’re doing the Davies Tour. But let my liver have a bit of a rest first, please.




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