Just finished my second book. I’m a slow reader

I jest. I have now finished writing my second novel and am ready to send it off for reading, ruminating over and then rewrites.

The first book was easy to write. Just one main character and a fairly linear story that didn’t need too many diversions. This one has our main protagonist and a few more fleshed-out characters that add to the narrative.

It has, been a bit of a bastard, to put it mildly. This week I threw out a chapter and did a bit of a salvage job on it.

I also realised that book two will lead to book three – I can’t leave this fellow with all these unresolved issues.

God help me it may extend into a fourth but I’m hoping I can leave this poor man alone and torture someone else for a change. I have some other ideas which I need to progress and I need to get to them before I lose my thread.

One thing I know is true, I love writing. This morning I was up with the sparrows and pecking away at the laptop before I heard anyone stirring in the flats and I didn’t stop until 4 o’clock this afternoon.

Even after that I did some research for the cover design and then hit the blog. I even missed lunch. But didn’t miss it because I was head down and hard at it.

I find it amazing that I get ‘lost’ when I’m working. The whole day vanished. I was listening to music and didn’t realise that it had stopped.

(I was listening to KISS so some people would argue that the music never started, but that’s their problem.)

I hope that I can keep up with this strange obsession of mine. I’ve never been happier. My only problem is that I’ve become a bit of a hermit.

Not that I was ever the most gregarious of characters. But I do miss daylight.

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