Introducing the Bar Tangled Spanners

Friday night was a bit of a mish-mash of things. The people over the way were moving out and all I could hear was lots of shouting and a general kerfuffle in the hallways as I tried to get my brain in gear to do some work.

Abandoning all my efforts I pulled on the coat and thought ‘fuck this for a game of soldiers’ and walked up to the Merton Manor where I knew Oliver Duggan and the Bar Tangled Spanners were playing that night.

To be fair, I had only seen them once before at the bandstand in Abbey Mills. They were doing a bit of an unplugged set and it was one of those pleasant Sunday afternoons with a few beers, some good people and some good music.

I had never seen them play a boozer before and plugged in and with some great low notes and a solid beat on the drums I was pleasantly surprised – after so many years of people saying come and see our band I had been a little cynical.

The band had me at ‘Highway to Hell’ followed by a version of Bryan Adams’s ‘When You’re Gone’. They switched easily from rock to pop with Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will Survive’.

It was a tight little unit of musicians and a set list that ran the whole gamut of musical styles – of course when they did ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ I was a very happy drinker trying to sing along with them.

Of course I am biased when it comes to music but every song and style they dragged from their repertoire was performed professionally with flair and gusto. I left thinking ‘why do I not see these guys play more?’

If you ever get a chance, catch them in the act. The way they play is note-perfect and even those annoying young people were dancing in the aisles and shaking their booties. The old farts like me were standing at the back and yelling ‘more’ at the end of the evening.

Check out the Merton Manor on Fridays. It’s their local stomping ground and you can ocassionally find them there shaking the floor and bobbing a few heads in time to their infectious set list.

Thanks for a great night, guys. You made an old man happy. Next time can you play some ‘Bring Me The Horizon’, I would love to hear you play that. Or Motorhead, you have got to play some Motorhead. Or some Clash.

I’ll send you a list.


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