Sit me down. Wind me up. Off I go to the pub.

Huzzah! I have finally finished checking my new book through and collating comments, spellings, grammar and visual tweakings into one easily readable and ‘steps-to-take’ document.

A great sense of relief washed over me as I hit ‘send’. I sat back. Took a sip of green tea and wondered why I was drinking this vile liquid again – there are so many nicer teas and even more delicious pints of Guinness to be had elsewhere

But, it doesn’t stop there. I’m running my own advertising campaign on Facebook. Doing the same with Amazon. And I’m halfway through book three. Nasty stuff, that. Nastier than green tea, by far.

The rest of the afternoon will be taken up trying to come up with headlines for the next promotional campaign and analysing data gleaned from promotions.

In advertising agencies I used to complain that the creative department was treated like a production line. Anything that needed to be done was stuffed their way and they had to get on with it – the phrase ‘Just Fucking Do It’ was bandied around far too often

You could say it has been good training. I’m doing everything now. Writing, strategy, planning and telling myself to turn my own computer off and on when I have a technical problem.

It’s liberating in a way but occasionally I just want to get rid of all the other stuff and carry on writing. Sit me down, wind me up and off I go.

In fact, fuck it! I’ve reached a point in the day where to start something new is going to be a waste of time. Plus I’ve had enough of green tea. I’m off to the boozer. Who’s with me?

No one! Suit yourselves.

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