So, what you been up to? My neck in it

Why haven’t I been blogging as much as I used to? I’ve been busy. I know that it is no excuse for spending a few moments and dropping a few words down but my brain is as fried as a Scotsman’s Mars bar.

For those of you who don’t know, my second book is out and doing quite nicely thank you very much. I have to admit I was a little naive about the whole process when I published my first one and promised myself I wouldn’t be so ‘stupid’ this time.

I made sure I double-checked links, connections, artworks and all the stuff in the background. I’ve also been writing promotions and stuff that you wouldn’t believe.

Plus my diabetes has been a constant aggravation. I had to change doctors because they closed down the practice where I normally drag my frustrated butt to. This has meant I have had to sign on somewhere new and despite all my medical records being sent over they decided in their infinite wisdom that all the doctors before were making things up.

For the last month I have been going through a battery of re-tests which I only had performed the month before. More blood tests. More urine tests. More blood pressure tests. Retinopathy. And a ‘tickle’ test on my feet to make sure they were still alive.

And despite my records saying exactly what medications I am taking and in what quantities, they now want me to take the bottles and packets down to visit them.

Then there’s the automatic reordering process. Boots prescription service offers a repeat prescription option. Foolishly I ticked the box that requested it and since then the new doctor’s surgery and Boots can’t seem to talk together and agree what I need and when – I am constantly wandering in and being utterly flummoxed by their inability to communicate.

This is an ongoing situation which I hope one day will be resolved but for the moment I am walking between the two and kicking them both. Not angrily, but forcefully enough for them to remember my face and my complete frustration with the whole service.

This week I have to have two different blood tests at two different places with a whole ream of different request forms for each – don’t turn up without the right form I beg you, despite their insistence to take more blood they refuse to do it unless your order form is signed in triplicate and stamped by the practice.

And then the doctors wonder why my blood pressure is so high. So they want to check it again. And again. And again.



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