“Your headline may be too long.”

Wait a minute. The last headline was  five words longer and got 8,800 ‘likes’, so it can’t be that.

Maybe the reason I wasn’t getting the ‘likes’ was because the headline was shit? Or because the people I targeted were the wrong people?

Why do you always assume that the headline is too long? I agree that short headlines are easier to read and some writers think ‘brevity’ is a toasted sandwich at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, but stop sacrificing words.

Every time I submit a promotion for my book I am aware that it is not an exact science. So, I will experiment with target audiences and different messages until I find one that works.

If it doesn’t work, I bin it. If it does, I try something similar. With my own stuff I find ‘humour’ gets the most ‘likes’ and ‘clicks’ and ‘shares’.

It is all extremely fascinating. Short, clever headlines are a no-no. So are serious ones. Ones that ‘blatantly sell’ seem vulgar, even to me.

In advertising I am repeatedly told by designers and technology bods that they want short headlines so they don’t get in the way of the design or the functionality of a site.

I don’t beg to differ, I differ without your permission. A good headline will ‘pull’ as well as any design or whizzy-tech.

I now have all the facts and figures to prove it.



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