Debtember is on its way

I was reading some Facebook posts from my old friend Richard Nicholson and I  realised two things; Christmas is on its way and the economy is in the toilet.

But don’t we go through the same ritual every year under the same circumstances? Brexit may have exacerbated the situation but every year we say the same thing. And every year there will be stories of working people having to get hand-outs to feed their family.

The country is a broken mess at the moment and it’s up to the politicians to fix it. They have to start doing their jobs properly and make this country work.

(And not rewarding bankers with bonusses for the sub-prime situation and double-dip recession that put so many people on the breadline.)

Now the shambles of Brexit has already destroyed pensions, investments and our economy is on life-support.

Who will bear the brunt of it? Certainly not Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, I’m sure they will be having a merry old christmas surrounded by mince pies and quaffing brandy.

They’ll be unbuttoning their trousers at the dinner table while other people are queueing at the food banks.

I’m not pointing the finger at Brexiters and saying ‘this is all your fault’. It isn’t. The blame falls on David Cameron for trying to solve the Europe debate with an ill-conceived referendum.

Before the referendum they should have put together plans to address the potential fallout, whichever way the vote went. But they didn’t.

How long has there been talk of a referendum? Surely during that time some bright sparks could have prepared for the worst.

David Cameron’s government was flying by the seat of its pants and now we are all paying the price.

Personally I can’t wait for this year to be over. 2016 has been littered with tragedy and stupidity.

The government can’t do much about the tragedy but they could certainly learn from the stupidity of David Cameron and ask themselves ‘What would David Cameron do? Then do the complete opposite.


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